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Oasis Scientific Borescopes

Boroscopy is the current technical standard for evaluating engines. Together with the oil analysis, the boroscopy is suitable for observing the condition of the cylinders in advance. Oasis Scientific borescopes are excellent value for money and that's why we're happy to make this US product available in Europe
Oasis Scientific Boroscopes

Maintenance Workshops

at Airfield Rheine-Eschendorf

Would you like to get involved in the maintenance of your aircraft and learn how to carry out the maintenance tasks safely? At the AUFWIND basic course our experienced mechanics and examiners teach you how you can get involved in the periodic inspections and preventive maintenance of your general aviation aircraft.

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Stahlwille Delivery Delays

Aufwind7. April 2023
Workshop Tools from Stahlwille are currently subject to severe delivery delays. Aufwind will inform you about the expected delivery-time within 1 to 2 business days after ordering. However it is possible that Stahlwille can not meet its delivery target, in which case we will inform you.